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Re: Freya ~Artemis~ /Lycus/ Dracone
« on: August 23, 2012, 12:53:09 am »
Dante's Journal Entry 1: 8/23/12

So far my time at this new school has been quite boring. I managed to meet an annoying girl who my elder brother is "friends" with, both like each other but are too idiotic to admit it. My sister was in a bit of trouble but Nox and her fiance Yukio managed to help her in time. There was also a clown thing but that was unimportant. Since our parents died, my older brother, Artemis, is now me and Freya's new guardian so I have to live at the school with them, I'll be living in the same house with Yukio. Luckily he is not an idiot so I suppose he will make an okay addition to the family. Nox seems to have taken a liking to him which makes it much easier to find him acceptable. Hopefully my older siblings will come back soon from visiting the family elders, it is quite boring here without my sisters constant badgering and being able to shoot Artem.
Name: Lycus Dante Dracone
Age: 14
Gender: male
Bio: Lycus is the youngest of the Dracone siblings, and normally keeps to himself. He hates it when Freya mothers him, and hates being around Artemis because he thinks he's an idiot half the time. Lycus hates fighting and avoids it at all cost but he is extremely violent. He has the ability to talk with spirits and other animals and hangs around them more than people. He is always accompanied by a small fox spirit named Nox. The spirit is invisible and only sensed by other spirits, because of that most people think Lycus talks to himself. Nox only shows himself to people he can trust, the only people who have seen Nox is Lycus and Freya. Lycus also has the slight ability to tell if the people around him have bad intentions towards his family, thanks to that gift he has helped end most of Freya's previous relationships. Despite his dislike of fighting he is very protective of his family and fights if he thinks they are in danger. He wants to travel the world with Nox and take care of animals. He can become extremely hyper when he goes for long periods of time without candy.
ability: Able to communicate with spirits and animals, illusion abilities. Can sense the intent of people around him
Likes: Talking to Nox, being outside, lollipops, being by himself
Dislikes: Being babied by Freya, surrounded by loud people, Artemis, fighting, populated areas
Classes: Supernatural/Demonology, Alchemic Studies/Science lab, Elemental Studies, Beast terminology, World terminology
Clubs/activities: if have any
Class Rep:
Equipment: Nox, two guns, pocket watch


speed- 25
energy to use ability-15
martial arts skills-15
equipment skills-15