Author Topic: What am I suppose to think now... [Yume, Anihe, night, open]  (Read 312 times)


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She look at her again, her eyes were slightly blank. "Shinji, he... said hurtful things to me. I told him I was scared and felt uneasy of him, and I ask him to not let anything bad happens to jasper. But then he got angry and said how he let jasper in, give him foods and warm bed, how he the closet thing family before I came. And even said he might do something jasper will hate him for..." She close her eyes and quickly bury her head in her knee again.

"I just don't know what to think about anymore, what am I suppose to do now..." she said softly.
"The Souls' Memories...
Dreaming of Lands... the Soul will dances through the Garden of Memory...
Watching the fireflies dances along... let the musics tunes you into the maze...
Follows the illusionary hums to the mysteries... there you shall find the answers to the unknown..."
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Name: Yume Kasai
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Human Form ~The girl on the left with blue eyes~

Dragon form

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