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Re: lunch time[ mid day open]
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Zatira sighed and rubbed her head.  Hearing Ryuu's words she looked in the eyes of the girl of the tree.  She felt Zatira's eyes practically bore into her as her mind control took effect.  "You will leave our kingdom, and you will leave it now!  Leave now or die at the hands of my king."  Her voice filled the girls mind, the command taking effect.  Should something refuse it she would not be able to stop the consequences.  She put a hand on Yuriko's head and held Ryuu's hand.  She glared up at Gregor.
Name: Zatira
Age: 23

Bio:  She serves as the left hand of Yuji Uzamaki.  She is in love with the man and will gladly do anything for him.  Willing to follow him to the ends of the universe she is 100% aligned with any goals he has.  Whatever he wants is exactly what she will do.
ability: Mind control and flight
Likes: anything Yuji does, pleasing him, destruction, chaos
Dislikes: peace, order, other women aroung Yuji (though she can hide that if need be)
Equipment: 2 daggers

Stats: total 1000
strength- 150
speed- 150
intelligence- 200
energy to use ability- 200
stamina- 100
martial arts skills- 100
equipment skills-  100