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Re: lunch time[ mid day open]
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Zatira looked at the girl as she exclaimed her question.  She looked around quickly seeing that everyone was whispering.  Her eyes glanced through them all, ready to do any damage control needed.  It would take but a blink of an eye for her to have a hold of their minds.  She looked down at Yuriko as she bowed.  "You really are a polite little one.  I will be your mom if you would like and if Ryuu is okay with having a sister." She looked at Ryuu and Yuji for their response, before training her eyes back up at the people in the restaurant, giving them a look.
Name: Zatira
Age: 23

Bio:  She serves as the left hand of Yuji Uzamaki.  She is in love with the man and will gladly do anything for him.  Willing to follow him to the ends of the universe she is 100% aligned with any goals he has.  Whatever he wants is exactly what she will do.
ability: Mind control and flight
Likes: anything Yuji does, pleasing him, destruction, chaos
Dislikes: peace, order, other women aroung Yuji (though she can hide that if need be)
Equipment: 2 daggers

Stats: total 1000
strength- 150
speed- 150
intelligence- 200
energy to use ability- 200
stamina- 100
martial arts skills- 100
equipment skills-  100