Author Topic: Kenros main laboratory  (Read 1571 times)


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Re: Kenros main laboratory
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Chieko eye grew big . she stood up & closed the book she was reading & see darted her eyes at Kenro "Fun you say? her job is not too have fun! its to serve me! I know im no longer on my planet, but i am still a Queen . She is too do as i say... Her fun is to do as she is told. she gets to have no fun... And i beat her cause she doesnt listen... Dont tell me how to treat my slave!.... she is to OBEY!!" The house began to move even more than was the axes did when he dropped it. The light on the ceiling that Kenro was standding under blew up & the pieces landed in his hair. Chieko didnt mean to do that but the idea of Aoi having fun, Pissed her off completely . she wasnt her to have no feelings nor too consult with the outside world
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