Author Topic: gathering if minds...[9/16 midnight open]  (Read 1194 times)


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Re: gathering if minds...[9/16 midnight open]
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2012, 02:13:33 am »
"kenro walked into the room eating an apple" i will do as i have been doing  since i got here... which is continue the creation of the army. OH!! before i forget "kenro snapped and drake appeared next to him" this is drake formerly known as akio. he is at every bodies disposal, call his name and he will come "kenro sat on the right side of yuji and kicked his feet up, continuing to finish his apple"
Name: Kenro Mizireal
Age: 27
Gender: male
Bio: Kenro has come here following the orders of his best friend and leader Yuji Uzumaki. although kenro's clan is known for there strength and power kenro uses his brains too, creating a multitude of things living and non living.
ability: when in contact with a mineral(jewels, rocks etc.) he can turn it into armor, weapons, and other things
Likes: science, funny stuff, women(he's kinda perverted)
Dislikes: jerks, sour stuff
Equipment: assortment of tablets, Pocket Lab,

Stats: total ?
strength- ?
speed- ?
intelligence- ?
energy to use ability- ?
stamina- ?
martial arts skills- ?
equipment skills- ?