Author Topic: a day for shopping[open,snow]  (Read 1023 times)


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Re: a day for shopping[open,snow]
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:09:15 pm »
some people need a ruler. a body without its head isn't a body at all....its a corpse. in order to live and to thrive, people need a leader. this city was desolate...nothing remained after a catastrophic happening occurred here.....we came and gave them hope and in return, they have devoted themselves to your father "kenro walked over to ryuu and kneeled down" and now they will devote themselves to you too "kenro looked up to zatira and smiled" apologies for not saying hello
Name: Kenro Mizireal
Age: 27
Gender: male
Bio: Kenro has come here following the orders of his best friend and leader Yuji Uzumaki. although kenro's clan is known for there strength and power kenro uses his brains too, creating a multitude of things living and non living.
ability: when in contact with a mineral(jewels, rocks etc.) he can turn it into armor, weapons, and other things
Likes: science, funny stuff, women(he's kinda perverted)
Dislikes: jerks, sour stuff
Equipment: assortment of tablets, Pocket Lab,

Stats: total ?
strength- ?
speed- ?
intelligence- ?
energy to use ability- ?
stamina- ?
martial arts skills- ?
equipment skills- ?