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Re: Zael
« on: February 09, 2013, 02:40:01 pm »
Now I can't see a picture at all. This has my okay, from the looks of it. It will be played by any and all admins, but only admins, unless we give a player direct permission to do so. Should that happen, the player will have strict guidelines and a set goal to accomplish before it goes away. A note in total: *this enemy will never accidentally or purposefully kill anyone, aside from it's target, perhaps. It will retreat before such a thing occurs. It will harm anyone in it's path to Magnus, however.* As a few can attest, I am not above giving players duties and things to accomplish for me, if they volunteer. Sometimes, that's fun. :D

Either way, I do want you to understand something else, Magnus. By bringing him here, and turning him over to us, we may take the idea behind him, take the things you've told us of him, and give other goals/perceptions/surprises, in order to keep even you guessing. This site is full of those sorts of things happening. We each have taken certain ideas others have, and spun them. It happens, and it leads to fun. Because the one that created the idea even has the ability to be intrigued and taken off guard. We will attempt to stick to the spirit of the ideal you've created, though.
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