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Re: Wel Invigora
« on: February 09, 2013, 03:28:58 pm »
I like this. He is mainly here regarding Magnus' story. I accept any terms with what he may be suspectable to elsewhere.
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Name: Wel Invigora
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Bio: Wel was brought to O'raion by accident with Magnus Modelle(See Magnus Modelle account) and the two became seperated. Wel was born a Black Heart, one who inevitably(according to custom) do away with all things that cause them to feel emotions, even if it were to mean killing your best friend. Wel was born to a man names Sirus and a Woman named Chiri. Sirus went on to concieve wel when his father killed his boyfriend before his eyes and told him that the bloodline must continue. Wel learned that he was born the same as his father and saught out to escape his fate of becoming a Black Heart. Sirus followed Wel to a city called Okita where he was stopped by Glory(Magnus Modelle's brother). Wel eventually met Magnus and over time fell in love with him. The two help each other overcome their negative energy by staying close. Now, after appearing at O'raion, Wel seeks Magnus.

ability: Wel can shoot energy from his hands in the form of gunshots. He can also swap powers with other beings according to the amount of energy he can absorb from them(this lasts for a limited time and is based on Wel's stats whom he can swap). Also sharing the Black Heart Bloodline, Wel can pulsate(meaning he can emit his dark energy to force opponents back).

Likes: Boys, Magnus, reading, quiet places, he likes to laugh but doesnt like to show that he's amused because he is extremely shy, positive people, dark places

Dislikes: Negative influences, hindering people, spicy food, loud noises, extreme light, fighting

Classes: M/S
Clubs/activities: if have any
Class Rep: Yukimora Jinzo
Year: 2nd

Stats: total 400
energy to use ability-50
martial arts skills-0
equipment skills-0

"Our prosperity should not be met through vengence. There are those who keep us strong; those are the ones we love. Then there those which we dislike; they are the ones we coexist alongside in the balance that is order. I'm glad I met you Magnus. I think I love you."

Sirus, Wel's father. I know you're gonna call out that its a photoshopped Aizen, but this is almost EXACTLY what he looks like.