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Re: Wel Invigora
« on: February 09, 2013, 02:50:43 pm »
I like this character. Some clarification for powers; I am willing to negotiate on this. Swapping of powers will be voluntary. It will take a full five rounds of physical contact to absorb a total of one third of their energy. You will then have the power for five rounds. A round equals two posts. If engaged in combat, it will be halved, both the time required and the time you have it.

This swapping may occur without the consent of the other individual. Double all the requirements, even in combat. You must be pointed with the powers you are taking from them, you must know that they have this power (through a previous scene between you, through watching them use it, etc.), and you will lose access to your own powers while you use theirs. They cannot use their powers, but those with high enough intelligence will get a chance to realize they may use your power. (Hence: swapping)

Those with stats that more than double his energy and his intelligence, (ex. a character with an energy stat of 200, and an intelligence of 200) will be almost impossible for him to swap with against their will. They may allow it, but if they have not given their consent, he chances depleting himself trying. Is everything agreeable, so far?
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