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New character? (Hopefully)
« on: February 02, 2017, 08:17:53 pm »
Name: Tasukete ‘Anathema’ Misericordioso

Age: 17 years (human)

Gender: Male

Looks: Image result for beyond birthday A pale ravenette with piercing scarlet eyes. (The spitting image of his father, Beyond Birthday.)

Bio: Tasukete was the child of an uncontrollable half demon elemental and an escaped psychopath from the nearest asylum. As a result, he has a short temper and his power flares with that. His father ran away from his mother soon after they met for their safety. His mother died when her power grew out of control when he was three. His father took him away and gave him some rudimentary training over his powers for ten years. Then his father was captured again, and he came here to continue his training. He is pretty logical and calm because he doesn’t want to accelerate anyone’s deathday. Somewhat sensitive over his past (he used to be a thief) and often takes care of others. Has OCD. Whenever he kills, it’s usually a mercy killing or for survival reasons.

Ability: Control over dark fire, some shade summoning (only able to summon three shades weakly right now, shades stay within 250 feet radius), and shinigami eyes (Death Note). Has Demon/Rage Mode. (looks same but with black dragon horns and slitted cat’s eyes.)Related imageImage result for slitted red cat eyes anime

Likes: Strawberries, sweets, tea, cleanliness, perfection.

Dislikes: Being underestimated, being ignored, cruelty to anything, crookedness.

Classes (5): Tracker/Beast Terminology, Survival, Melee Weaponry/Marksmanship, Assassin.

Clubs/activities: Candies Candy Shop?

Class Rep: Yami Engimono

Year: First Year

Equipment: Special knife his father gave him and enchanted scabbard. (has ability to retain souls of the slayed inside of it. Made of Stygian iron.)

Stats: 200

•Strength- 20

•Speed- 30

•Intelligence- 80

•Energy to use ability- 20

•Stamina- 20

•Martial arts skills- 20

•Equipment skills- 10

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