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Russell Manno
« on: March 09, 2013, 10:10:00 pm »
Name: Russell Manno

Age: 21

Gender:  Male.

 Minus the tail.
Bio: Russel Manno is a violent beings, but also very lloyal and caring. He was blacked mailed into coming by his best friend and  follow teacher Isiah.

Ability: above super human strengh.

Likes: War, fighting, blood being shed.

Dislikes: Peace, quite, blood not being shed.

Classes: Physical education, melee

Equipment:sortment of weapons

Stats: (Total1000)

Energy to use ability-0
Martial arts skills-150
Equipment skills-150
Name:yamato hado
Age: 16
Bio: Yamato is shinji twin brother, but they wish to kill each other Yamato goal is to crush every bit of happiness that his brother have ever achive, Yamato is a genuis like shinji but llackthe humanity that shinji has, yamato veiw everyone as a pawn and to be used and discarded once there usefullness is done, Yamato is shows no compassion, veiw love as a weakness, and friendship as a weak point.
ability: magic, chaos energy, elemental magic
Likes: destorying shinji happiness, causing others pain.
Dislikes: everything else
Classes:(total of 5)
Clubs/activities: magic, transformation, thief,
Class Rep:
Year: year 1
Equipment: swords, gauntlets

Stats: total 1st year-200 2nd
strength- 60
energy to use ability-40
martial arts skills-20
equipment skills-20

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