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Garfeild Mark Logan


Name:Garfeild Mark logan
 Gender: Male
Bio: Garfeild is full of energy, life and fun. He is always seen with a smile on his face.  Almost gives off a sense of life and having fun.
Ability: transformation into any animal( mystical, nightmarish, etc.), mix and match with animals power.
Likes: meat, video games, jokes (all though he only says bad ones)
Dislikes:  Almost nothing.
Classes: Tracking, assassination.

Stats: (Total1000)

Energy to use ability-200
Martial arts skills-100
Equipment skills-0

Kaya Mitsume:
This teacher doesn't need to be made. I've already got Elyana to cover the classes that he can. That's one of the main reasons she was created. If you want to have him do something else, that's cool.

Ok, but tell me in advance next time. He will take tracking.

Kaya Mitsume:
If you want to know, take a look at the sorts of characters there are. Look especially at other admins characters. Most others do not have teachers. Look at what they can teach. Tracking is also one of Ely's specialties. Ely was marked as a specific NPC type that can be a teacher, easily. We already have a shape shifter/nature/tracking sort of NPC. We need other types.

And I know we need other types Im working on them. Im just doing other things. I just didn't want to assume that a character would do something.


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