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Re: Takashi Bedroom
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Takashi woke up to Cherry talk about something"Huh? .. What are you talking about" He looked up at Dawn then at Cherry"Cherry! Are you seriously asking me that? Its not like that!. We didnt do anything.... She kidnapped me right infront of your eyes.... & we went to this.. Creepy grave yard, Noy like i had a choice... It had this dreadful, negative energy & its like it was controling us.. me, her & Shnji ... lucky i manage to get us out... I didnt know anywhere else to go so we came here... she not all that bad... she save Shnji life so i figure it was ok... until she wake up ill ask why she attacked me... she what she really wants... its obviously she did it for a reason, so i gotta find out" He hugged Cherry "I wouldnt do any like that! ... Thats rude & not gentlemen like ... its just not right!"
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