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Re: Takashi Bedroom
« on: July 05, 2012, 11:38:53 pm »
Takashi came in to his room & tok off his clothes. He was finally healed & he went to The Bathroom. In there he started to thinking about the battle & he dont like being even with someone. So he told him Father, Leon & Fatima... I Hope You Guuys Are Great Teachers Cause I Can Wait To Learn. I Want To Get Stronger .... Stronger than ever... Im losing my touch.... & I Want To Be Stronger Than CHERRY!!!..... Cherry.... I Will Not Get Beaten By Someone Who Takes Me For A Joke! & Thinks he can win with just a shoot to the chest.THATS BULLSHIT!!. I Want A Re-Match ...Later On In Our Lifes... I Promise Cherry Will See Who I Really Am!!... And How I Really....Really....Feel..... UGGGHH!!! He Punched The Mirror In The Bathroom & Sighed. He took his shower & laid down on his bed & looked out the window "Well i have a mission soon so ill tell my sister ill be leaving just incase ... Something happen...." He then smiled & said a random comment "I would how my father would feel if he knew i was Bi.... i wont tell him.... not yet anyways" He then fell asleep
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