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Re: principals office
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Kiwi rolled her eyes,as the blood-sucker walked into the hallway. Before the vampire could catch site of her ,she squeezed a sticky substance on her hands,climbed up the wall. 'I think..I should throw this little crush I have for Kyo away.' she thought. As Fatima contiuned to walk down the hall, Kiwi decided to climb down and walk in the oppsite direction to avoid any conflict with blood-sucker. ' Yea, I think I just might do that..' She stuck her hands in her pocket,strolled down the hallway.
Name: Kiwi Heath
Age: Twenty-Six
Bio: Kiwi was born in a second-class family. Expected to be a doctor or maybe a lawyer she chose something much better. She chose to be an assassin,she is not only an assassin she is a top notch one at that. Well, once she was banned from her job..she turned to teaching high school students.
Ability: Strike in complete silence..
Likes: Frisbee, Collectible Items, Swords,Sharp Items
Dislikes: Arrogant Children, Wimps, Soft Things
Classes:Assassin 101
Equipment:Wrist Blade, Bows & Arrow, Blade talons , Darts ,Pistols, etc..

Stats: total 1000
energy to use ability-210
martial arts skills-120
equipment skills-220