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Ichigo Hozuki

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Hoshi Hair started to become white & grey mixed in with light blue & purlpe. Her body had veins that was blue & yellow.. the hole is her chest that was sowed up, was half way healed but... she didnt have a beating heart. she opened up her eyes & they turn gold then grey. her body looked so cold as ice & white as the snow. Her lip was purple & pink. Her nails was golden & she looked at her "Sleeping" brother then she looked around her. she didnt understand where she was but she knew she was so hungry... so very very hungry.... she didnt know who she was & didnt care either . she let the lab to go Hunting... her teeth was sharp .. but her fangs was even sharper.
Name: Ichigo Hozuki
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Bio: The Son of The Powerful Galexy & Evil Yuji. He A New Born But Because Of Hes Powers, He Body Time Skipped Into His Teen Stage . He More Like His Mother Than Anything. He was born in the light (literally). He was sent from the God to do good. Where Galexy Old Planet Had A Prophecy Too One Day, The Son Of The White Fox Will Return To Stop Evil From Happening. He Is The Symbol/Definition Of Power & Greatness.
ability: Water, Ice, Speed,Dark&White Magic,Telekinesis.
Likes: The Moon & Stars, Flash lights, Tv, Music & The Ocean. Some Dark Places
Dislikes: Disrespectful, Bossy & Unclean People
Classes: N/a
Clubs/activities: N/A
Class Rep: Yami
Year: 1 year
Equipment: Hands & Dagger


Stats: 200
strength- 75
speed- 50
intelligence- 25
energy to use ability- 10
stamina- 10
martial arts skills- 10
equipment skills- 10