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Magnus Modelle

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A Race Index
« on: February 09, 2013, 07:41:12 pm »
This suggestion came to mind when I began to think of just how many species we have on this site. I'm sure that some characters may appear human, but are not. I believe a race index may prevent Modding to one's character in mid battle or in situations they just do not want yo be bothered with. For example, my character is not human. He is Enota. Can anyone list an Enota'a abilities(Jizero excluded lol)? If there were an index, people could easly find access to this information so they do not become cheated. I'm sure races would also seek admin approval.
Name:Magnus Modelle
Age: 18
Bio: Magnus was born to a single mother and has two siblings. His older brother Glory was known for ravaging Magnus' home planet due to his mass intake of negative energy making him unstable. Magnus is what is called an Enota. Enota often take on a human-like form to blend in with society and can slightly alter the reality around them. Magnus was born a Phenomite-Enota, an Enota who feeds on Negative energy to evolve. Traits include being bound to an alternate dimension called he Phenoma world. Magnus was originally lead to O'raion in search of his friend Wel.

abilities: Traveling to an alternate dimension through rifts he creates, controlling monsters from an alternate dimension(Phenoma world), extreme speed

Likes: Tea, learning, dark places, negative energy, pineapple, and microwave pizza

Dislikes: Sudden outbursts, illogical explanations, anybody who isn't an Enota or Wel.

Classes:elemental studies,M/S,transformation, theivery, assassin 101
Clubs/activities: if have any
Class Rep:yukimora jinzo
Year: 2nd

Stats: total 400
energy to use ability-20
martial arts skills-40
equipment skills-0

"I appeared here after being separated from Wel in the Phenoma World. What is this place? I have to find Wel before I become consumed by negative energy."

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Kaya Mitsume

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Re: A Race Index
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2013, 01:29:06 am »
Typically, if your race is something else, we prefer it to be stated in your profile. And from there, what you do and do not do with your race is the call of the admins. If you as a player think that something fishy is going on in your scene with Joe Werewolf, you would PM an admin, and they would investigate, putting that scene on hold until it has been properly sussed out. However, there does not need to be an index of such things, simply because, this is stuff you need not know about other's characters. Just like people don't need to know everything that's special and cool about your dude. Just us admins. NPCs may even be of different races, and unless you have cause to know about that race, (generally speaking, you won't) that's the sort of stuff you shouldn't know.  Mystery is part of the fun.
Name: Kaya Mitsume 'Lorelei'
Age: 17 at start, now 26, doesn't appear older than 23
Gender: Female