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Re: start of the maze
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*The last gremlins broke in a crazed frenzy towards Shinji, taking the the remains of their kin and using them as weapons * Kehehehe! * one jumped over Shinji, landing behind him and the other staying in front of him, the both of them circling him slowly*
Name: Kyle Mathome

Bio: Kyle was born into the world constantly in and out of war. His family, a clan of lycans, the Wildhearts were murdered after one of their members took the life of a young child of the DeVampire family. The only cub in  left alive, the DeVampires took Kyle in as the spoils to their victory in slaughtering the Wildhearts. Still too young to understand his emotions, Kyle grew up, learning to take the form of a human and mostly staying in this form, serving the DeVampires loyally as an attendant, butler, soldier, informant then at the young age of 14, an assassin. After living 2 years of nothing but pointless killing,now more mature at the age of 16, Kyle began to despise his owners and lashed back. He packed up his things they ever gave him, a dagger and the clothes on his person. He's traveled around the counrtyside, being taken in by residence and serving the best way he can, until one day he heard from an old assoicate, Shinji, there'd be a place for him to live at the school he's taken up.

Abilities: Invisiblity ( requires any sort of shade to activate), transformation ( 3 stages)
Likes: Sweets, older women ( the older the better, just not too old, they be overripe),  company, atention
Dislikes: Meaness ( will most likely take joking seriously sometimes)
Equipment: Dagger, claws and canines

Year: 2nd Year
Stats: 400
Strength - 100
Speed- 80
Intelligence- 20
Energy to use abilities- 20
Stamina- 60
Martial Art Skill- 75
Equipment Skill- 45