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At his words, she blushed very slightly. What was it about her that had drawn not one, but two males to her? Both of them professing love. She blinked, an unwelcome thought striking. Maybe she really was more her mother's daughter than she ever wanted to be.

The thought was like a shadow moving through her eyes. I won't lie like my mother did, though. The goddess liked to say that, of course she'd loved all the men she'd had. But a person couldn't love all of them, and do what she did. Just more lies to pretty up that truth for her followers.

Those words always made her cautious when they came from most anyone. It was no different this time. She looked at him silently for a long time, before she spoke. "Non credo che sarņ mai in grado di dire quelle parole molto facilmente, ma sicuramente non ora. Ho cura di te, so che molto. Ho appena ... non voglio diventare mia madre."