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She smiled slightly. "Io ti intrigo? Sono davvero così affascinante? Ti ho salvato quella notte, perché ho cura di te." She opened her arms, gesturing with palms up, as if asking him, 'What else was I supposed to do?'

She looked directly at him, before she asked her next piercing questions. She knew he hid behind glib repartee, jokes and a careless facade. The last thing she'd let him do was pull it with her.

"Ho paura che ho diventare qualcosa di competere finito tra voi due. Faccio del mio meglio per rendere le persone che si prendono cura e lasciate vicino a me confortevole. Voglio per renderli felici. Mi rende felice. Allora, cosa vuoi da me per farti felice?" That ocean gaze was very direct, and perceptive. For someone that liked to hide himself from others, it couldn't be very comfortable.