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Re: Under The Stars
« on: June 30, 2012, 03:27:14 am »
Miles smiled and pointed to his head with his thumb. "The spider sense helps. When my mom and dad would train me, after the took me from the lab, they would only communicate with me through actions. They refused to talk to me, to help me acknowledge my surroundings. Being perceptive isn't all it's **** up to be. It has its falters. I overhear things that I really don't want to her. I mean, the only reason that I know that my mother used me as a lab expiriment is because I heard my aunt talking about it.." He said, looking at the ground. "I like Asian food. Really spicy stuff." He said, smiling. "I have a couple of things that I made here... Tom Yum soup, which is a shrimp soup with herbs. It has healthy qualities. There's chicken curry, and Laska, a spicy noodle soup with Lemongrass and coconut." He said, smiling, hoping she would like it.
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