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She moved closer, letting their hands rest together. She nodded her head slightly. "Crowds were the reason that I spent so much of my first three years here being tutored privately. I had to learn how to control myself. So many highly emotional people in one place is a nightmare when you can't block them out." She squeezed his hand, silently thankful he'd known that.

Her brow furrowed slightly. How had he known that? Her brow relaxed as she dismissed it. He was a perceptive man. It wasn't hard to figure out that putting an empath in a roomful of people wouldn't be a relaxing thing for them. "I'm glad you're perceptive. It makes it easy to be with you." 

She smiled at him sweetly, already enjoying the night and all he'd done was be mindful of her comfort. "You like Asian food too? The spicier, the better to me."