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The only thought that occurred to Kaya before her mind went blank was something very simple. Well, I did point out that he spoke more in actions than words... Then most of the world, and her thought with it, blinked out for a second. Or that's what it seemed like to the girl.

In all actuality, the world still turned, and life still moved around them, but you could have fooled Kaya. Her lips moved beneath his, returning the kiss chastely, but nevertheless, reciprocating.

When the kiss ended, her eyes were closed, and they slowly opened, revealing unfocused truly violet eyes that had gone soft and somewhat surprised. "Oh. Well,- Huh." Was about all the girl managed, nibbling on her lower lip.

It took a moment, but she smiled slowly. "I think I got it now." She laughed softly, but kept his gaze. Her next words were a soft challenge. "Do it again. I don't want you to lose your nerve now."