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The girl's eyes widen. "I totally didn't think of that... Maybe they do! Holy crap, that would make my day!" She now bounced even more enthusiastically. Just call her Tigger. She stopped bouncing only to begin bobbing her head to a tune that only she heard, apparently.

They moved up in the line until it was their own turn to pick one of the sugary confections. Unfortunately for both, there was neither a pocky nor a chocolate flavor. Kaya pouts slightly, but chooses a swirling of the pink and blue. Perfect for the indecisive.

She waits for Haro to make his choice, and then wanders off to sit in the shade of a tree. She eats cotton candy rather messily, pulling bits off here and there, and generally making her fingers sticky as all get out. Her lips turn faintly blue-ish.