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Re: Balloon Pop
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Dawn blinked a Akio "How much training could i possibly need? I mean good god! I could be equal to My Second Cousin, Naruto Uzumaki. Well im 10 more steps to reaching that goal anyways. The War Is Over ... For Now ... Being Here Is Pointless ... Training here or anywhere is too .... I feel like ive done enough!"Dawn sighed. The other people was complaining behind us & they wanted to give the game a try. Dawn got so heated than you can see fire in her eyes. She turns around "SHUT UP YOU USELESS HUMAN BEANS! ILL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF & RIPE OUT YOUR GUTS WITH NO REGRETS OR A SECOND THOUGHT ABOUT IT!!! I'LL- ......." They all got scared & ran away. she turned back to Akio " And i need anger management classes .... soon"
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