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Re: Balloon Pop
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"akios mouth dropped" no no no i still have some "he flickered away. about 5 minutes later a dart came from the distance and hit a balloon. then more darts rained from the sky hitting the rest of the balloons. akio appeared" and for my last trick " he turned away from the board and threw the dart so hard you could hear the air seperating around it. and it was gone" im so awesome "before she could say anything the dart pierced the board from the otherside popping the balloon"
Name: Akio Mizireal
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Akio after mind sweep AKA Drake:

Bio: Akio has come from an alternate universe with genji looking for his friend Dawn. he is very friendly to everyone and doesn't get phased much by the rude, he just thinks there funny. for those who may not know akio is a lab created being made by Kenro. kenro has claimed akio for himself, wiping his mind andmaking him a genral of the Uzumaki army. he now goes by the code name Drake. along with a new name Akio/Drake seems to be packing some serious power
ability: tetroyugan- His eyes become like mirrors that allows him to copy people with pin point precision, make unbreakable barriers, allow him to see details that others wouldn't see, can switch places with others
Energy Projection
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Classes: N/A
Clubs/activities: N/A
Class Rep: Yukimora jinzo
Year: 2
Equipment: Buro-  A white snake like dragon that stays around

Stats: 660
strength- 70
speed- 100
intelligence- 60
energy to use ability- 200
stamina- 80
martial arts skills- 100
equipment skills- 50