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Re: The Not So Restricted Restricted Section
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After Mika had finished talking with Hunter in her House, Mika had decided she needed to get out of the house to study the books Kaya had given her.  She couldn't just stay in the house, it was too quiet.  She walked to a secluded section of the Library and curled up with the books reading.  After a few moments she looked up, letting her mind wander.  She needed to find 3 more people to go with her.  She sighed, "Why does everyone keep calling me a black queen." she whispered to herself.  She didn't mind that Shinji was her king, but for some reason black queen kept throwing her off.  Shaking her head she went back to reading the book.  She needed to do anything she could to be prepared, so she focused intently on the books.

Mika felt someone in her house again, so she got up and headed home.
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