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She is not burned anywhere, but for just a moment, her skin has the same sort of internal warmth that his usually does. Again, for the water child, it's not a comfortable thing. Those of the water were never supposed to be so warm. But the warmth quickly fades as the tendrils of impression released her.

His own body seemed to also leach away that false warmth on her skin, as if drawn to it. She looked vaguely dazed as she tried to set to rights her mind, and order the words she needed to tell him of what she knew. It's not the most simple of things.

When she speaks, her voice is smokier, as if she'd been smoking a clove or two, when he hasn't seen her do so in a few days. "I'm fine, koi. That happens sometimes when I'm tugging at the threads and getting impressions. It didn't hurt me. Just some discomfort. You're the fire child, not me." She slid her palms over his arms, getting the physical impression of heat from her palms, transferring it to him. He dealt better with it.

Speaking of being the fire child... "I think our foray here is done for the day. You want to go out to your beach, after I check these out?" Books so old could be checked out? That was distinctly odd. As far as he knew, no they couldn't.