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Haro watched his little goddess sink to her haunches as she filtered through the ash with her hands. Her eyes closed, and her face relaxed. Her chin tilted, as if she looked up at something. A lot of somethings. It would have been difficult for her to tell him what she saw in those moments before the impressions came.

And then the echoes came, in fire and dead races. Curses and missing information. She could almost feel that foreign ink coat her fingertips, like something sticky on a masterpiece tucked away from the eyes to hide the mistake.

Her eyes flew open, and both those and her hand were wreathed in flame, just for a moment. It didn't seem to hurt her, per se. But it wasn't a comfortable thing for the water child. Her eyes lost the white hot glow of the flame as a slowly sputtering ember loses it's glow. Until they were simply her own eyes.
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