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Re: Not just a legend (closed)
« on: January 28, 2013, 01:52:10 pm »
((I'm just going to use Hunter's account for now, so that I'm not having to switch logins.))

The parchment of the pages is old, but seems well taken care of. The pages are not brittle, but they are delicate. The scripted writing is of a flowing and smooth hand, not quite feminine, but of practiced penmanship. Someone took pride in their writing. Still, something about the bold strokes speaks of masculinity.

The first thing written, an entry, is dated 45 BC. It is difficult to tell the actual date beyond the year, as it is written strangely. The book is a journal of some sort. Shinji's eyes register that this is written in an ancient and unused form of Latin, and that he cannot make heads or tails of it. Then, before him, he watches the entry become clear and unmistakeable English.

'Beware, beware the Ides of March.' The lady has spoken. A warning to our great emperor. One he has not heeded. He still continues with this fool's mission. He believes, with the sorceresss at his side, that he is invincible. That this is his destiny. Even she tried to warn him, for all the good it has done. His men seek to betray him. His pride will be his downfall.

I do not wish to see such things befall my emperor. So I went to the Lake. I did not know the direction I need to go. But I knew that the witch could be found on her Isle of Apples. Avalon, I have heard it called. It is a place of dark and witchcraft, but I am willing to risk my immortal soul that I might seek her help. She knows. She can tell me.

The next entry is shorter, by far. It's tone is of terror.

I went in search of Avalon. Three days I have been in these Mists. Lost, with naught to do but pray. I hear the bells of Glastonbury. I cannot even find those blessed shores. That bell, it's infernal ringing, is driving me mad. Where is the Lady of the Lake? What does she want from me? Why will she not show me the way?
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