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Mika looked up at Hunter as he tilted her head.  She sighed lightly internally as he checked her over.  She knew her body was still recovering from the blood being taken.  The few hours she had been asleep had done some to aid in the recovery, but after everything she had gone through with Deji it took her body a bit of time to recoup. 

She took a light breath before she answered.  "This is Kurei, he was another experiment of the man who calls himself my father.  Hearing the man's name woke up the slumbering vampire side in him.  Deji made it so I was one of the few he could safely drink from to calm down, when he is in that state."  A yes or no hadn't been spoken, it had all happened too quickly.  "He apologized."  she said quietly.

She shook her head bitterly thinking about Deji, "Clearly that man thought nothing more of me than a useful tool for his bidding."  She sighed, she has been primed to be his weapon, she was used for other people he had tortured and tormented. 
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