Author Topic: Delving further into studies [early december, open, afternoon]  (Read 1233 times)


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Kurei grinned and grab onto her hand and pull her up. "I was thinking of training with you sometime and maybe hang out, It was nice to trains with Miyako too if she interests, and it rare to hang out with a fellow wing companion. We can go and flies in the sky above the mountain if you like, feel the breezes, follow the birds' formations, try to find a cloud to sit. What you think?" He said chuckling of what he just said.

He then notice something of her tire expression and had a strange idea about him, he lift his right hand up and bite on it, letting the blood fills a bit in his cupped hand. "Here, drink this, normally it be weird for anyone to drink, but since i drank some from you, you should have alot of energies back from drinking this, don't worry you won't be a vampire unless i put the bloods in your blood vein myself, which i won't unless you loved me. I-i mean never mind! Just drink it! It tends to curse illness too, even exhaustion and such." He stutters at some points and quickly aside the last part, hiding small parts of his blush, holding his cupped hand of his fresh blood for her to drink.
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