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Kurei nodded slowly and his wings rests on him. he shifts to get comfortably as his blades pop out and lies down on the ground, all 9 scatters around yet resting on ground around him, if Mika look at his back, she could see  where the lines' origin is, it right at his spines, the lines is really thin, like a inch or 2, connected to his spine to his back between the wings, it seem to be so bionic that it might be apart of his body, just like the wings. He lean over to mika and kiss her cheek, he then lies down and pulls one of blankets up on him, with the lines going from sides as his wings relaxes on the ground, giving a soft smiles to Mika.

 "Not unless he can somehow force me into berserk, don't forget he can control me too as much as he can to you. That much we do know, the best is to somehow cut the ties of the control, then i will brutally slaughter him like he deserves it..." he mutters as his eyes grew heavy. "Keep that book safe, I don't want anyone to know about me or my species, so keep it secret please... there might be more about me or the tests that was dealt on me, but I only want you to read it..." he soon fall asleep, having a peaceful face after telling about his past and such.
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