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Kurei quickly frown but quickly have a soft smiles. "I glad you weren't at the lab when i went berserk... he made sure I killed all the other test subjects... I could've killed you too if you were there, though likely not if he order me not to. I don't know why he choose me, there were far more subjects for him to test, there were possibles that they could be stronger than me, yet he choose me, well he still think I was useful, as i said before, I only manage to escape after my berserk rages. So it possibles he may come looking for me... since he never once said I was useless, i was useful no matters what, I would have to guess he can control me like you do, unlike you, he can only do it when I went berserk...I not sure how he can put me in one though, I afraid of going berserk again." he mumbles the last part as he pick another book and his eyes widen. "...what the hell..."

He hold a book to show Mika a picture of a small boy with black wings, 18 lines with blades on his back and one of his hand claws, it would seem that it a picture of himself as a child and inside the book contain few photos of himself when he was a child. "This is me! But... who..." his expression turned to pure hatres when he look at the back. "Deji, so he wrote this book about me huh, damn..." He curse sliently under his breathe as he began to reads through, he then give it to Mika after filing through few pages, letting her read it.  "That bastard... he took records of the experiments and tests that was done on me, even including the berserk event..." He put his head down in his arms and few tears were drop.

"Fekaioha, translate for Winged Blades, the humanoid monsters who have any amounts of blades on their back with wings, that my species... the scientists at the lab killed most of the peoples including my family in my home's territory, thinking it will be dangerous and that they fought them first, and took me as a living test subject, that when Deji came in, and took custody of me, and so the torture years began... the survival fittest, the hungers, being chased by other dangerous subjects, forced to kill other subjects, inject with chemicals, takes my bloods, even tried to cut pieces of my wing or my blades, even tried to take one of my eyeball out, attempted to tortures me to see how long i can hold on to life, and then the pure-blooded vampire, he injected me with it to provide strength and speed, he attempted to control me, and it took him 6 years to finally control me, I wasn't easy to be control, I spend longer in that lab than says i been in the lab for 7 years before i finally escape... what more... he planned the escape and the berserk, and attempted to search for me... calling me perfection Zero. There more though but damn..." He close his eyes as he put his head in his arms. "He disquise me as a reckless uncontrollable monster who is very dangerous and must be tamed, and must be studies about my race in order to prevent any more deaths. Such a lie..." he mumbles.
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