Author Topic: Delving further into studies [early december, open, afternoon]  (Read 1231 times)

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Mika's eyes went wide as he pinned her down.  She bit down on her lip as she listened to the whisper.  She felt the fangs sink into her neck, keeping from crying out.  Feeling him drink her blood was an odd sensation.  She felt light headed as he drained some of the blood from her body.  When he finished she sat up slowly, the room spinning slightly.

She held her hand to her head to get the room to slow.  She trained her eyes up to Kurai.  Leaning back against a bookshelf to steady herself she sighed, letting her fingers trace over her neck.  "It's okay Kurai.  I know what he can do to people.  Miyako and I are living proof of that.  It doesn't surprise me that he would make me one of the people whose blood you can drink."  She stayed down afraid she would fall over if she attempted to stand.
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