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Kurei grabbed Mika's shoulder and pinned her down, his blades flies out and tried to retrains yet trying not to harm him at same times, he look at her with pained expression, and whisper softly. "Sorry, please let me drink your blood..." he said as he arches to her neck. "Unlike... normal vampires... Deji given me pure-blood vampires'... so I can only drink my loves ones, and a certain persons... your one of those, he made sure your on the list incase i ever meet you... I sorry and hope you forgive me."

He said as he bare his fangs over her neck and then... he bite her gently, the pains she felt would be really little but when he start drinking her bloods, she would feel a sudden relaxing and a... pleasures, like it was good to be suck, like she was helping, mixed with enjoyments and happiness, this would be a weird feeling to her as he drink her bloods.

He didn't drink all of her bloods, so she still have most of her bloods, the blood that was sucked can easily be restored in times.

He licks her neck once, healing the bite's wound, and then stumbles back, there were a bits of mika's bloods on her lips. The blades stopped shaking around and disappear as his wings stopped shaking, his eyes still in vampire state but he wasn't shaking anymore. "...I'm sorry..." he said softly as he looks at her. Mika's blood drip a bit on his hand from his lips, and he hesitate on licking it.
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