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Kurei grin and sit down, one of his blades appear in air and it brushes Mika's arm, surprisely it actually soft compare to what it was during the battle with Miyako, with the black lines from the blades' botton to somewhere on his back. "All I know is I ran away from a lab from who knows where. Those damn humans scientists were experimenting on me, using my blades as a test, even starving me sometime when i disobey or so, treating me so poorly, torturing me like no goods,  testing my abilities, even tried to cut my wings or my blades' lines off! God it was painful when they keep trying... they even attempted to inject angel and a demon's bloods or any monsters in my blood vein! Your father might be the same person who was in charge of the experiments that was dealt on me, he remind me of that person you two talks about, that guy... is really cruel... he even attempted to put a chip in my brain so i would obey him, they even thinks about making me as a killing machine due to my blades and my wings. I only manage to ran away after I went berserk when that guy injected me with a unfamiliar substances... I killed many scientists and destroyed the lab partly. The guy who was in charge of me was smiling evilly... almost as if he planned this, I afraid that I would berserk again, I found out that my true form after the berserk, I was a monster, my wing grew bigger and sharper, similar to adult phoenix's wing's size. The blades split into 18 blades and they were filled with my bloods, almost like it poison. Luckily i kept most of my human appearances, aside from my right hand becoming claw and i grew sharp fangs, my eyes became of vampire's eyes, becoming yellows with split pupil."

He calms down and his wings cover him softly, comforting him little bit as he resume. "So after the berserk, I accidently stepped into a magic circle, and teleport to the forest, that where i found Rika as a baby and saved her from demon lords. It took me back again and so i had to survived on my own through harsh world once again for few years. I appeared when she was attack by bandits at age 7, though i tried to protect her from a curse that was inflict her, it forced me to become berserk once again, I attacked her home and killed many peoples, including her adoptive parents. I was ashamed so i forced myself to go back and go in deep sleep. i heard her voice, thinking that it was the right times to come out, well... you know the rest, since in order for my sealed state to unlock, I was require to kiss her to break it, since I had to used her magic circle to go in deep sleep in the first place." He finish as he look down in one of book he brought. He chuckles and count softly. "I think I'm 16 or 17... I don't know my birthday though, been in that lab since i was 2, so i don't remember my family either, times wasn't on my mind. That why I sorta bonded to you and Miyako after learning what happens to you in earlier life." he smiles at the last part softly.
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