Author Topic: Control my Anger (Open, Outside of the library)  (Read 696 times)


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Re: Control my Anger (Open, Outside of the library)
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Yume slap her forehead in fusterations. "Isyah, this is his problem. Not mine. If anything, you might want to give this a bit longer and know more about it before attempting to help, you might have better chances helping kurei though. But Shinji, give him some times off. I won't stop being uneasy, afraid of what he might do to my boyfriend since jasper is synced with him..." She said to isyah through telepathic again.

She look at shinji, in her eyes were fear and sadness. "Fine don't answer my question. I'm scared not because of Kurei but because of something else. Just don't let anything horrible happen to Jasper, please." She said. She doesn't care what he view on kurei, he can take care of himself, and beside he got Notai to protect, that stubborn guy, but jasper... it frighten her greatly of what might happen to him...

'Isyah, can we go to my home, alone please? We can talk there, I can't stay here any longer. We can bring the books too, I got a couple there anyway if you want to read more. I don't want my other personality to come out now, here.' she ask Isyah through mind once again, not wanting her other personality to come out.
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