Author Topic: whats yours is mine[jester,open,mountain clearing]  (Read 1208 times)


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Re: whats yours is mine[jester,open,mountain clearing]
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"jesters smile slipped away"........i dont like you "he snapped his fingers and everything disappeared and went back to normal" i think you cheated "jester sat in an invisible chair and crossed his legs" i will be sure to have my rematch "his clothes along with miyakos had returned to normal" now i will ask....what brings such a delectable dessert to my plate hmmm "he tiled his hat up and rubbed his chin" was it my gentlemen like charm...or my undeniable suave. "his eyes locked with hers" or is it the naughty things im doing all over the island "he tilted his hat back down to cover his eyes"
Name: Jester Malcious
Age: 22
Bio: Jester is a great magician who is known for his artisitic, gothic, and dark humorous magic. he goes about the world as his own boss, causing mayhem and misfortune where he sees fit.
ability: magic, transformations, illusions,
Equipment: Deadly Toys, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards

Stats: total 1500(wicked mode stats)
strength- 100(400)
speed- 100(500)
intelligence- 500(100)
energy to use ability- 500(100)
stamina- 100(200)
martial arts skills- 50(100)
equipment skills- 150(100)

Wicked Mode: