Author Topic: To dream in black and white [open, afternoon]  (Read 1725 times)


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Re: To dream in black and white [open, afternoon]
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Kurei eyed the two as he endured all of the pains and wounds, he smell the familiar scent of Yume on jasper though and wondering why Mika and Jasper were quiet, yet looking at each other.

All of sudden he began to feel a uneasy feelings... he though it was uneasy due to worries, but instead it was a feeling that was hidden deep in his soul... suddenly he stood up, his expression was blank. Mika and Jasper and Freya will began to feel the dangerous evil auras coming from Kurei, slowly growing, then another similiar aura will felt faintly in the direction of the forest: His body...

"..." he didn't speak, only a sound of flames flicker once, then it became slience again.

Freya could feel the disconnection from Kurei as the shadows that connect to Kurei and freya was cutted, not being in Freya anymore, however she would still able to feel Rei inside her, whom is sleeping after dealing with nightmares, although he was still unaware of what happening outside. Kurei stood there still standing next to freya, despite the wounds, looking in the direction of his body. His eyes was unreadable.
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