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Re: Thoughts on the wind [open, evening]
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She heard his sigh and tensed.  Keeping her reaction contained so that he could not read it from her.  The winged girl was the master of masks.  Its not like she hadn't spent years as a test subject in a lab.  She kept quite and shook it off without a single movement to show it.  She nodded softly, "I knew Yume was becoming a dragon, I saw the start of that.  I know that dragons like jasper need a partner to sync with.  I would like to meet a light and dark dragon pair."  She smiled softly.  That combination was home to her, she could see getting along with the pair. 

She chose not to comment on Shinji.  She always knew more than she let on, but she didn't see the need to speak about it.  "Its good Kurei is going better."
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