Author Topic: Reflections and Hiding [10/27, sunset, open]  (Read 166 times)

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Re: Reflections and Hiding [10/27, sunset, open]
« on: September 17, 2012, 01:56:00 pm »
Mika's heart stopped when he called her name.  She thought she could do handle when he eventually ran into her.  But knowing the gravity of what she had done made her blood run cold.  His voice hurt.  Knowing he didn't remember anything was like a dagger peircing her.

It was soo soon since she had gotten back.  Why had someone brought him looking for her so soon?  With an aching heart she wasn't sure she could even attempt to face him.  To look at the face that used to be filled with so much love.  She quietly moved from her spot behind the boulder looking for the quickest way to escape.
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