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Re: hollowed mountain
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Yume stopped crying slowly, but she was scared and the tears only trails down her cheek little bit, she doesn't move but she does spoke. "Jasper, if she come out, can you stop it and help me control her. She... it happen first when I was only 7, when the dangerous bandits almost killed me, I was in semi-depresses when the villagers don't trust me since I was a outsider and my appearances. I was knocked out, I saw her in my dreams, she looked like me... but she... she had a darker expression, like... she was evil. There were some sort of waters around her too though, I don't know what that mean." She sigh to herself and resume.

"When I come to, the first thing appear in my eyes was the destructions on the villages. What strange was there were alot of wet spots, few bodies covered in water, despite there were flames at some points. I didn't know what happens while I was knocked out, but the villagers told me something attacked them with waters, it was a strong one, it either sliced the peoples apart or drowned them or something... they didn't see who it was. My adoptive parents got killed by the water too... it was my older sister that took care of me and her younger brother until I left the village at age 14 and came here." she pause for a minute, there were hints of nervous and confusions.

"To be honest, I didn't know who it was either, I was drenched too, they though I was a survivor, which surprised me. At first I though it was one of my summons, but then I started getting nightmares..." she said, letting jasper to take her words in, she wasn't finish though, but she wanted to tell jasper everything. She was scared slightly though as she remembers the nightmares and her past.
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