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Re: hollowed mountain
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Yume flies into the cave with Mitsuko on her back, as she landed onto the ground, she formed into human again and look around, smiling to herself. Unaware to Jasper's, when he was out, she sorta decorate the cave, just for funs. Their bed were giants made out of a some sort of leaves-like mixed with a couple of other feathers and leaves, yet they were very smooth and comfortable. suit for two full grown dragons to sleep on. On the very very high ceiling were a dozen or so fire lanters for light sources, she choose the fires so she can control whenever she want it off or on with her fire abilities.

Yume used her new earth abitilies to shape the ground and the structures, making very small windows in the cave, on the other corners lies her alchemy labs, nearby there were a garden fille with herbs and all kinds of Ingredients for her to makes potions. There were alot of room however left for furniture-wise and alot of room for Jasper to fool around or put stuffs if he wish to.

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