Author Topic: deep into the mountains [leon, 10/2, open, afternoon]  (Read 534 times)


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"leon stops before going to far and realizes elliott has passed out, he notices the fist and smirks" wise choice kid "leon lets gravity do its work and plummets back to the ground with elliott still on his shoulders. he lands lightly back on the cliff" a true warrior this boy can and will be...... i accept you as my student "leon sat the unconscious elliott on the ground and snapped his fingers. a red aura covers elliott and heals him. afterwards leaving a glowing double axe behind a cats eye mark on elliotts fists, the emblem of leon. the emblem fades away and leon turns back to the scene of the forest"

(+ 20 martial arts skills, + 10 to strength and speed)
Name: Leon Chase
Age: 19
Bio: Leons past is unknown, he came to oraion when he was ten in hopes of learning to control a rare energy called chaos energy. over the years leon has learned to control it mostly but rathers not use it. his time now is spent mostly training. although leon prefers quiet he has never been the one to turn away his ear when a friend wants to talk.
ability: chaos energy- an energy that disrupts, breaks down and utterly destroys if enough power is put behind it.
Likes:silence, meat,
Dislikes: N/A
his two pistols HavoK and Glory
Muramasa Chain- a chain that allows the user to open a door to an alternate space where they can keep items
various types of ammo- various ammo that he uses

Stats: total 1000
energy to use ability-150
martial arts skills-100
equipment skills-250

Chaos Mode: leons body becomes complete chaotic energy