Author Topic: deep into the mountains [leon, 10/2, open, afternoon]  (Read 534 times)


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Elliot falls for the ploy and is tripped, but he catches himself on his right hand and swings his left leg back aiming a blow at Leon's left side (if he did a standing trip) or face (if he was crouching).

((If Leon did a standing trip, then this happens:))

If successful, the teen will then push off of Leon to flip to his feet in a crouch in front of him, and then spring into a punch to the stomach with his left fist followed by a right cross to the jaw. Finally, Elliot glows yellow and ends his combo with a right dragon fist to the side of Leon's head ((Strength x3 = 60)). A loud crack shakes the invisible ground as Leon ends up face cratered into the floor while Elliot shakes his fist like Bruce Lee. "Wooooaaaah!!!!" Elliot then takes a step back shifting into a Jeet Kun Do-like stance and hops around a bit really starting to get into the battle.

((If Leon did a crouching trip, then this happens:))

If successful, the teen will push off of the ground with his anchor hand and twist his body in midair as he begins to glow yellow. "HAAAAAAA," he yells as he twists into a low butterfly flip and aims a hard kick down at Leon ((Strength x4 = 80)). A loud crack and shockwave shakes the area nearly causing an avalanche as Leon is launched through the invisible ground just like Elliot was earlier. Meanwhile, the later falls flat onto the ground on his stomach before quickly scurrying to his feet.

"Oops...," he says and looks down to see if Leon had fallen to another lower level; he didn't want to accidentally kill the guy, though he doubted that something like this would even come close to doing so.
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

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