Author Topic: A Song of Temptation (Homura, open, January eve.) ATTN: To join the arc  (Read 837 times)


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Moving silently over the snow, barely leaving a mark upon it with her passage, Aska migrated toward the mountain side, a cave every bit as spacious as she'd claimed. It was more than large enough for all comers to move inside and comfortably have a seat. A fire already roared, the smoking winging upward toward some crevasse that remained unseen. It was warm, the ground even more so. Pelts and blankets softened the space, and offered seating. Once everyone had entered, she placed a light barrier over the mouth that would keep the elements outside of the opening. Any newcomers would find them, and be welcome, but no ice or snow or biting wind could disturb the occupants. The little priestess moved toward the head of the room, putting her back to a wall, leaning against it indolently as she sat with grace.

She looked out at each face, waiting until they too looked back at her. Gaze searching and curious, it moved over the features and expressions slowly, cataloguing each one. Those that could not or would not hold her eyes are noted somewhere in her mind, just as those that are bold and forthright with their eye contact are. She let chatter move around her for a little while and listened to each conversation. She seems to be waiting to say what she'll say as she lets others get pleasantries out of the way. It isn't long before she does get fed up with it, though.

She cleared her throat very softly, and waited for silence to fall and eyes to turn her way. "Tell me, little ones. Have any of you ever felt caged. Chained within or without? Held prisoner by your own hopes or fears, or even another's? Have any of you yearned for a taste of freedom?"
Name: Aska
Age: appears to be in her very early 20's
Gender: Female


"I wished on the seven sisters. Bring to me wisdom of age. All that's locked within the book of secrets. I longed for the knowledge of the sage...So the sisters smiled to themselves, and they whispered as they shown. And it was from that very instant, I knew I would never be alone."

"It's true. We're all a little insane. But it's so clear, now that I am unchained. Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time...You poor, sweet, innocent thing, dry your eyes, and testify. You know you live to break me. Don't deny, sweet sacrifice."

"You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be. Oh, so many ways for me to show you how your savior has abandoned you...Still you pray, never stray, never taste of the fruit, and you never thought to question why. It's not like you killed someone. Not like you drove a hateful spear into his side. Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed. He did it all for you."

"When you scream, it sounds like a lullaby. When you beg, I get all gooey inside. Tonight, I take your eyes, mind and tongue to spread the word and watch your kingdom come... Once upon a time, I ripped the wings from my spine. But when I hide inside your eyes, I still pretend that I can fly. Tell me every secret, so you can fall in love, then fall to pieces. I need new voices in my head..I need new lovers in my bed to feed my secret appetites. I need your scent all over me. I need to taste this tragedy. I need to know with certainty that the nectar was worth the squeeze. It's just the way that we're deceived. It's the blame that stains us. This, this sweetest disease is so contagious."