Author Topic: Working my Magic [jasper&yume, open, following fair warnings]  (Read 1223 times)


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Yume blushes slightly when he began to massage her legs. In her eyes, there were hints of sadness. " Kinda... the way it works is, in most peoples terms: powers don't alway come free, or there a balance. My powers is naturally out of control, so the exchange alway happens unexpectably, and it never tell me what it going to take. It usually random. So far though, it never taken anything in my body though... it may has inflict injures on me though. For example today it took my legs' nerves and my voice, because I summoned too many at once during the battle." She explains. Her neck tattoos glows slightly as she touch it with one hand.

"This tattoos acts as my seals, and to limit my powers, so I can control it. And seal the exchange, although sometime it possible for it to leak... I just wish this exchange would just disappear..." she mutters. Fire balls appear above her and dances slowly, floating around.
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Name: Yume Kasai
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Human Form ~The girl on the left with blue eyes~

Dragon form

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