Author Topic: Working my Magic [jasper&yume, open, following fair warnings]  (Read 991 times)


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Yume tilt her head to the side and frown little bit. "Like I said... it taking longer than usual, it might take a day.. or two... depends... I did summoned too many at once... And your liquid somehow affected my tattos, so it kinda messy. Just some rests will help, maybe." She said softly, feeling slightly blush as she smiles again.

"No I don't think I should burden you to that much, just some place to rest or sleep... I am curious about those... two guys. Who are they? Why did you almost died?" She ask worrily.
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"The Souls' Memories...
Dreaming of Lands... the Soul will dances through the Garden of Memory...
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Name: Yume Kasai
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Human Form ~The girl on the left with blue eyes~

Dragon form

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